Thứ Hai , 18 Tháng Mười Một 2019

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Pope Angelus: Choose to be guided by the star of Jesus

(Vatican Radio) "We learn from the Magi not to devote only spare time and some thoughts every now and then. Like the Magi, let us set out, clothe ourselves in the light following the star of Jesus, and love the Lord with all our might". Those were Pope Francis’ words to the thousands of people gathered in St.

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Pope: ‘Let us allow ourselves to be challenged by the Child in the manger’

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has urged Christians to allow themselves to be challenged by the Child in the manger, and also by the children of today’s world, so many of whom are suffering.

During the Holy Christmas Mass homily, celebrated in St. Peter’s  Basilica on Saturday evening, Christmas Eve, the Pope spoke of those children “who are not lying in a cot caressed with the affection of a mother and father” , of those hiding underground to escape bombardment, of those  on the the bottom of a boat overladen with immigrants.

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