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Pope Angelus: Choose to be guided by the star of Jesus

(Vatican Radio) “We learn from the Magi not to devote only spare time and some thoughts every now and then. Like the Magi, let us set out, clothe ourselves in the light following the star of Jesus, and love the Lord with all our might”. Those were Pope Francis’ words to the thousands of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus of the Epiphany, to which he donated a book on Mercy distributed by the poor attendance.

Like the Magi chose to be guided by the star of Jesus – said the Pope, “even in our life there are several stars. It’s up to us to choose which to follow.”

“There are flashing lights that come and go, like the small pleasures of life: although good, they are not enough… “

The Magi invite us to follow the true light that is Lord – said Pope Francis – “a light that does not dazzle, but it accompanies and gives a unique joy. Follow today, among the many shooting stars in the world, the bright star of Jesus! Following it, we will have the joy, like  that of the Magi. “

“I would like, the Pope said, to invite everyone not to be afraid of this light and open up to the Lord. Above all I would say to those who have lost the strength to look, to those who, are dominated by the darkness of life, …Courage, the light of Jesus can overcome the darkest darkness. “

“We learn from the Magi not to devote to Jesus only spare time and some thoughts every now and then…”

Concluding the Angelus, Pope Francis donated to those present in St Peter’s Square a small booklet on Mercy which was distributed by more than 300 poor people present in St Peter’s Square to whom the Pope offered lunch.

“The Magi offered their gifts to Jesus, And speaking of gifts, I thought I’d give you a little gift: The “Icons of mercy” booklet. The gift of God is Jesus, the Father’s mercy; and so, to remember this gift of God, I will give this gift that will be distributed by the poor, the homeless and refugees along with many volunteers and religious whom I cordially greet and thank you wholeheartedly. “

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